Friday, June 26, 2009

“Africa: Stuck On You”

Acacia Adventure Holidays Shows Travellers Where To Pitch Their Tent On The Continent


“Africa: Stuck On You” ( is a new blog being rolled out by Acacia Adventure Holidays. 


Heath Ashcroft, Marketing Director comments: “Most people dream about travelling to an exotic continent like Africa, but the main issue for adventurers is usually "where" to pitch the tent.  The choices are endless, but we can promise once you’ve set foot on either the plains of the Mara or the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, you’ll be hooked.  Our new blog, “Africa: Stuck On You” is a fresh virtual guide that will help you pinpoint your dream spot on the continent.”


However, this isn’t simply another blog being added to the endless mass of travel related content – “Africa: Stuck on you,” is hoping to offer a deeper less commercial insight to potential travellers.  Two larger than life characters will be making regular appearances – adding a human element to the blog. “Andy, the great outdoorsman from the Veldt,” a laid back adventurer who is crashing on the continent and Amelia Smith, a “Bridget jones-esque single” with an unrivalled passion for Africa are alter egos representing the expert knowledge of the Acacia team.


There will also be excerpts from case studies and local points of interest backed by the usual deals, tour information and news that is more common to branded blogs. 


Heath Ashcroft, comments: “Our new website ( already features detailed itineraries and dossiers and we didn’t want our blog to be a mirror image.  Instead “Africa: Stuck On You” is similar to a virtual branded magazine which adventurers can dip into when they are fine-tuning their travel plans. We'll also be looking for comment from key Africa travel bloggers, clients out on tour or those who have recently returned - in fact, anyone who has something useful to say about travelling in Africa. For example, the 43-day Kenya to Cape Town “overland tour,” will be coming live and direct from Dan, “Our Man In Africa” in August. You can check out Dan’s blog and his Acacia itinerary at:  In a way we’re looking to create a virtual map of the destinations we cover by tying local points of interest and experiences to our 150-strong list of itineraries. Our team will also be working closely with our tour leaders on the ground to make sure the information is current.”


Contact Acacia Adventure Holidays on 020 7706 4700, email or visit for further information. ATOL No. 6499 and ABTA No. W4093 PROTECTED.

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